Integration of the Atlantis & Airtime in the hotel Starkl Bled Print
Wednesday, 04 August 2021 12:08

Integration of the interactive TV systema Atlantis & the PayTV application Airtime in the hotel Starkl at the Bled


At AVSN d.o.o. we do not deal only with the development and installation of the most advanced hotel interactive TV systems, but we also co-create fabolous experiences for the travelers who are guests of our client hotels.

One of our clients recently became also the family run hotel Starkl, located on the idyllic location of the Lake Bled. Hotel Starkl now offers to it's guests one of the most modern TV systems in the region, containing also an international online film video library tailored specifically for hotels, running via the TV application Airtime.

Starkl Airtime

You can read more about this project here:
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