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Friday, 22 February 2019 12:08

Perla & Pule

Our latest references

By the end of 2018 we renovated the entire TV system in the HIT hotel Perla and in this February also the TV system of the Pule estate.


A common thing to them is the year of their initial installation, the year of 2016. Otherwise they were using quite a technologicaly different options of the TV system solutions, that were both a cutting edge solutions at their time, considering the needs of the customer's guests. Both the systems served to their investor for a period of entire 12 years. The reason why, is that they were quallity designed for the future, and used the latest technology at that time. They were quallity made by using the materials from famous manufacturers.

The investment cost at the time was maybe about 20-30% more expensive, but this resulted in a double lifetime span, as a lower priced materials would endure. Theese systems also funcioned for their entire lifetime practically without any problems.