The first installation of iTV system Atlantis on LG LCD TV Print
Friday, 21 December 2018 12:08

Atlantis LG

The first installation of the interactive TV system Atlantis, now even on LG TV.

In the HIT hotel Mond in Šentilj, we have in November sucessfully integraded our interactive hotel TV solution, the system Atlantis, that now works even on LG LCD TV sets.

The system was installed over the exsisting SmartTV sets from LG electronics, that have previouslly been using the LG's factory-made basic version of the hotel interactive TV sistem, LG ProCentric 3.0.

With the system upgrade the hotel has now gained different extra features, like:
- A more estethic and personalised graphical user interface
- Bi-directional control of TV sets (even email error reporting)
- Guest device screen mirroring
- SmartTV apps
- etc…

This is our first live setup od the hotel interactivne systema on the hotel SmartTV sets from LG electronics. Meanwhile this is also contemporarry a first of the kind of installation (a personalised integrator made solution, direclly on base of the hotel SmartTV sets LG), that has been made and installed here in the Adriatic region.

A demo of out system can bee seen on the following link: