Fair presentation of the system Atlantis Print
Thursday, 12 October 2017 13:06

HOW Festival

Successful 1. fair presentation of the interactive TV system Atlantis, on the HOW festival.

We have made the first official public presentation, of our interactive hotel TV solution Atlantis.
It held place on days 28.09. and 29.09.2017, on the HOW festival, in Petrčane near Zadar in Croatia, where we appeared as one of the sponsors.

There was an extremelly positive feedback from the experts in our public, the IT managers, hotel managers and directors. Everybody held a really good opinion about the graphical design of our interactive TV system user interface. This is for sure something that leaves a very strong visual impression on the hotel guest, and by this way underlines the hotel's brand name. The speed and response of our system's interface was commended too, as well as the general functionallity of the system, that attributes to the promotion of a hotel and its services.

HOW is the first hotel operations Festival organized in Europe. The main goal is to gather tourism and hotel middle management representatives from the entire region. Over 400 visitors have gathered.

A demo of our system can be also viewed online, using the following link: www.hotel-iptv.eu