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The company AVSN d.o.o. deals with engineering of hotel TV and optical GPON TK systems

and the sales of professional electronic equipment and devices for the tourism sector.

AVSN d.o.o. among the winners of the prestigious awards SZS - Creators for centuries

Integration of the Atlantis & Airtime in the hotel Starkl Bled PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 August 2021

Integration of the interactive TV systema Atlantis & the PayTV application Airtime in the hotel Starkl at the Bled


At AVSN d.o.o. we do not deal only with the development and installation of the most advanced hotel interactive TV systems, but we also co-create fabolous experiences for the travelers who are guests of our client hotels.

One of our clients recently became also the family run hotel Starkl, located on the idyllic location of the Lake Bled. Hotel Starkl now offers to it's guests one of the most modern TV systems in the region, containing also an international online film video library tailored specifically for hotels, running via the TV application Airtime.

Starkl Airtime

You can read more about this project here:

AVSN d.o.o. wins the award "Creators for centuries" PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 March 2019



AVSN doo is among the winners of the prestigious awards and endorsments of the "Creators for Centuries", awarded by the International Economic Forum (MEF) PERSPECTIVE. On March 23, 2019, the "300 best" entrepreneurs in Central and South-Eastern Europe were awarded the grand prize in Dubrovnik.


The Regional Meeting of Entrepreneurs (RSP) "300 BEST" is a top-level event of all companies, which in various ways contribute to the development and creation of a positive image of entrepreneurship. For the fifth time, in Dubrovnik, awards and recognitions were given to those who most clearly contributed to the development of positive and innovative entrepreneurship in the region. Among them for sure belongs also AVSN d.o.o., which has been building innovative TV and telecommunications systems in the field of tourism for over a quarter of a century. Our advantage on the market is the implementation of innovative technologies, and the construction of systems without technical problems. We use the products of renowned and quality manufacturers, which enables us to deliver the highest quality of our services to our clients.


In the last three years, we have developed our own software solution for an interactive hotel TV system, which operates directly on the hotel SmartTV LCD TV platform and provides users (hotels and other accommodation facilities) a deeper level of digital communication with their guests via TV media. At the same time it parallelly offers to their guests also a significantly greater comfort and the possibility of additional entertainment via the TV screen. With this we became the first provider of such a solution in the region, as this solution was first implemented in the renovation of two different hotels already by the end of y. 2015.

Our contribution to the development of entrepreneurship in the region was rewarded by an independent international commission composed of experts in economics, marketing, finance, management and entrepreneurship from eight different countries. This recognition is one of the additional indicators of the right way, which we set out with our strategy and justifies our vision and mission. In Slovenia it places us among the other enlisted recognizable companies that have already received this recognition in the past years - Plastika Skaza d.o.o, Agitavit Solutions d.o.o. and Rastoder d.o.o.. This year, these companies were joined by MI Elektronika d.o.o. and our company AVSN d.o.o., which is the first micro-enterprise among them and also by the agency RRA LUR, which greatly contributes to the development of the promotion of the economy.

Of course, thank for this recognition also goes to all of our customers who have recognized our quality and effort, and have entrusted us with the planning and implementation of their projects.



Latest references PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 22 February 2019

Perla & Pule

Our latest references

By the end of 2018 we renovated the entire TV system in the HIT hotel Perla and in this February also the TV system of the Pule estate.


A common thing to them is the year of their initial installation, the year of 2016. Otherwise they were using quite a technologicaly different options of the TV system solutions, that were both a cutting edge solutions at their time, considering the needs of the customer's guests. Both the systems served to their investor for a period of entire 12 years. The reason why, is that they were quallity designed for the future, and used the latest technology at that time. They were quallity made by using the materials from famous manufacturers.

The investment cost at the time was maybe about 20-30% more expensive, but this resulted in a double lifetime span, as a lower priced materials would endure. Theese systems also funcioned for their entire lifetime practically without any problems.

The first installation of iTV system Atlantis on LG LCD TV PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 December 2018

Atlantis LG

The first installation of the interactive TV system Atlantis, now even on LG TV.

In the HIT hotel Mond in Šentilj, we have in November sucessfully integraded our interactive hotel TV solution, the system Atlantis, that now works even on LG LCD TV sets.

The system was installed over the exsisting SmartTV sets from LG electronics, that have previouslly been using the LG's factory-made basic version of the hotel interactive TV sistem, LG ProCentric 3.0.

With the system upgrade the hotel has now gained different extra features, like:
- A more estethic and personalised graphical user interface
- Bi-directional control of TV sets (even email error reporting)
- Guest device screen mirroring
- SmartTV apps
- etc…

This is our first live setup od the hotel interactivne systema on the hotel SmartTV sets from LG electronics. Meanwhile this is also contemporarry a first of the kind of installation (a personalised integrator made solution, direclly on base of the hotel SmartTV sets LG), that has been made and installed here in the Adriatic region.

A demo of out system can bee seen on the following link: www.hotel-iptv.eu


Fair presentation of the system Atlantis PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 October 2017

HOW Festival

Successful 1. fair presentation of the interactive TV system Atlantis, on the HOW festival.

We have made the first official public presentation, of our interactive hotel TV solution Atlantis.
It held place on days 28.09. and 29.09.2017, on the HOW festival, in Petrčane near Zadar in Croatia, where we appeared as one of the sponsors.

There was an extremelly positive feedback from the experts in our public, the IT managers, hotel managers and directors. Everybody held a really good opinion about the graphical design of our interactive TV system user interface. This is for sure something that leaves a very strong visual impression on the hotel guest, and by this way underlines the hotel's brand name. The speed and response of our system's interface was commended too, as well as the general functionallity of the system, that attributes to the promotion of a hotel and its services.

HOW is the first hotel operations Festival organized in Europe. The main goal is to gather tourism and hotel middle management representatives from the entire region. Over 400 visitors have gathered.

A demo of our system can be also viewed online, using the following link: www.hotel-iptv.eu


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